Handmade sterling silver rings


Silver rings handmade in Barcelona. Contemporary and original designs. Big or small, gold-plated, wide, wedding bands, with enamel or natural stones, narrow or personalized... We have the sterling silver ring that suits you best!

Silver and diamond ring

Price €250.00
Sterling silver ring with rhodium plating with three genuine diamonds of 0.04 cts in total, SI quality. It is made up of 5 fixed interlocking rings.

Anillo plata y piedra natural

From Price €95.00
Sterling silver ring. In the center we find a natural stone, to choose between aquamarine or sapphire. Gems can measure between 1 and 1.2 cm in...

SISU double round diamond ring

From Price €175.00
Two-sided sterling silver ring with facets and two black diamonds of 0.10 cts. totaly. Matte finish with rhodium bath. It is part of the new SISU...

Gold leaf and silver small...

From Price €115.00
Silver ring and gold leaf. The upper piece measures 2 cm wide by 1.7 cm high. The ring is 5 mm wide.

NUNO rhodium silver ring

Price €80.00
Japanese-inspired design ring made of sterling silver with a rhodium matte finish. The measures approx. They are 2.7 x 2.2 cms.

Silver ring NATURAL LIFE

Price €80.00
Design ring made in sterling silver with matt finish. Engraved on the two sides with the floral drawings that identify the collection, and...

SATTVA silver ring

Price €70.00
Sterling silver ring with matte finish. Handmade design Inspired by organic forms.

Anillo Simply ancho

Price €72.00
Unisex design ring. Made in sterling silver with matt finish. The ring are 5 fixed rings that make some smooth waves. It measures 1 cm. width approx.

ANGLE silver ring

From Price €96.00
Unisex ring handmade in silver. It is an irregular rectangle. Unisex ring. Measures 2 cms wide and 1,1 cms tall. Sizes from 12 to 25 tatum.

Silver and diamond ring MIRROR

From Price €122.00
Sterling silver design ring, with diamond matte finish, rhodium bath and a 0.01ct quality SI genuine diamond. You can use this elegant...

Silver ring with slate and...

From Price €92.00
Minimalist design ring made in sterling silver with rhodium matte finish. The central piece measures 1.9 cms approx. and has a raw slate and a...