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Handmade sterling silver rings


Silver rings handmade in Barcelona. Contemporary and original designs. Big or small, gold-plated, wide, wedding bands, with enamel or natural stones, narrow or personalized... We have the sterling silver ring that suits you best!

Silver and diamond ring

Price €250.00
Sterling silver ring with rhodium plating with three genuine diamonds of 0.04 cts in total, SI quality. It is made up of 5 fixed interlocking rings.

Natural stone silver ring

From Price €95.00
Sterling silver ring. In the center we find a natural stone, to choose between aquamarine or sapphire. Gems can measure between 1 and 1.2 cm in...

SISU double round diamond ring

From Price €175.00
Two-sided sterling silver ring with facets and two black diamonds of 0.10 cts. totaly. Matte finish with rhodium bath. It is part of the new SISU...

Square silver and ruby ​​ring

Price €130.00
Rectangular ring in sterling silver with rhodium bath and matte finish. It has a ruby ​​of 0.01 cts. Its measurements are 2.3 cm x 1.2 cm approx....

Little silver and ruby...

Price €110.00
Matte rhodium-plated sterling silver ring with a 0,12 cts natural ruby in the center. The measure of the ruby is 0,5 cms x 0,2 cms approx. and the...

Anillo de plata y rubí LIFE

Price €144.00
Oval ring in sterling silver with a rhodium finish. The ring has a ruby (0,12 cts) in the center. It is part of the LIFE collection.

Gold leaf and silver small...

From Price €115.00
Silver ring and gold leaf. The upper piece measures 2 cm wide by 1.7 cm high. The ring is 5 mm wide.

NUNO rhodium silver ring

Price €80.00
Japanese-inspired design ring made of sterling silver with a rhodium matte finish. The measures approx. They are 2.7 x 2.2 cms.

Silver ring NATURAL LIFE

Price €80.00
Design ring made in sterling silver with matt finish. Engraved on the two sides with the floral drawings that identify the collection, and...

SATTVA silver ring

Price €70.00
Sterling silver ring with matte finish. Handmade design Inspired by organic forms.

Anillo Simply ancho

Price €72.00
Unisex design ring. Made in sterling silver with matt finish. The ring are 5 fixed rings that make some smooth waves. It measures 1 cm. width approx.

ANGLE silver ring

From Price €96.00
Unisex ring handmade in silver. It is an irregular rectangle. Unisex ring. Measures 2 cms wide and 1,1 cms tall. Sizes from 12 to 25 tatum.