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We create jewelry with noble metals, by hand and with different finishes that require a little care from time to time. We give you some tips for use that will prolong the good condition of your jewelry:

Keep a few factors in mind!

The PH of the skin, body fat and environmental humidity, among others, can oxidize all metals.

· Tips:

1) Take off your jewelry to clean. Chemicals can damage them.

2) When you apply your beauty products, remove your jewelry and put them on once the routine is finished.

3) If you go to the pool or the beach, keep them safe. Salt, chlorine... can dirty our pieces.

4) At bedtime, keep them in your jewelry box.

5) And from time to time... Restore them, they will look like new.

Diamond jewelry, especially rings, requires special care. Check its status from time to time and come to our store if you have any questions.

White gold jewelry has a rhodium-plated finish, which can wear out with use and over time. We can restore this finish whenever you consider it necessary. Ask us!

· Cleaning:

Cleaning is very easy if you have good maintenance. To do this, you can use water with baking soda or a jewelry eraser with a matte finish.

All finishes degrade with use, rubbing and the passage of time. Take special care with the oxidized, rhodium and gold plating of rings and bracelets.

The duration of these factors will depend on these factors and the use that you give to the jewel, to show it off in perfect condition for as long as possible.

If you need to restore your pieces, we offer you a service for it. Get in touch with us at tass@tassjoies.com and we will explain how we carry out this process.