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Tass Joies is an artisanal jewelry company from Barcelona.

Runned and created by women, the collections we design are inspired by nature and our closest surroundings. They are collections with a soul of its own, jewels that turn out to be agile and fresh all together, suitable for any occasion.

All of them express a moment, a feeling and even a spot. Some of them have accompanied us through long periods of time and its designs define us as a brand. They are the representation of who we are.


Gloria and Gemma Miralles, the engine of the brand. In 1994 we opened our first store Tass Joies to offer an author jewelry, modern and artisanal.

Nowadays they form a 7 women group. Thanks to this team, between 6 and 8 collections are created annually. You can find the store and the workshop at the Sants quarter, in Barcelona. You can also find our pieces in some jewelry stores in Catalonia, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Glòria Miralles

Best artisanal jeweler - JORGC

Craftswomen Master - Generalitat de Catalunya

Creation process

The creation process is lived by us from the experimentation, the investigation and the knowledge of all of these years in the profession. Pencil in hand, we draw the first ideas, we design the main piece and finally we develop the whole collection in an artisanal handmade way.

Tass Joies and sustainability

All of our pieces are created with noble recycled metals originary from the European Union and certified from the Responsible Jewellery Council. The diamonds we use come from legitimate sources compliant ONU resolutions.

We are in a progressive implementation process to improve ethical, social and environmental practices in the whole productive chain, starting from the mining to its final point of sale.

Since 2020 we belong to the community Biosphere, with a certificate that recognizes our efforts when it comes to sustainability and environment. We encourage our clients to download the good practices decalogue and cooperate on its implementation.