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All our jewelry is handmade one by one. In this way we ensure that the artisan quality is maximum both in the manufacture and in the finishes.

To certify the authenticity of jewelry and metals, all our pieces are stamped with our name, manufacturer number and the stamp placed by the Guild of Jewelers of Catalonia (JORGC) corroborating that the jewelry is d 'gold or silver of first law and coming from safe sources in the European Union.

All the gems we choose are natural and top quality.

We use only and exclusively natural diamonds (GVS and SI quality) and black diamonds, which come from legitimate sources in accordance with UN resolutions.

If upon receipt of your order you notice a manufacturing defect or damage to the part, please let us know quickly at tass@tassjoies.com.

Improper handling, misuse, wear and tear of the garment over time and continuous daily use are excluded from the warranty.


Here are some tips on how to keep your jewelry in good condition:

1) Factors such as skin pH, body fat and environmental moisture, among others, can oxidize all metals.

2) Cleaning is very easy if you have good maintenance. For this you can use water with baking soda or a eraser for jewelry with a matte finish.

3) All finishes degrade with use, rubbing and the passage of time. Take special care with rusty, rhodium baths and gold baths of rings and bracelets, as their continued rubbing will damage them more easily.

It will depend on these factors and the use that gave the jewel the duration of these, to wear it in perfect condition for as long as possible.

If you need to restore your parts, we offer a service for that. Contact us at tass@tassjoies.com and we will explain how we perform this process.

We choose precious and semi-precious stones for their beauty and color.

Any vein, roughness or imperfection is natural and this adds beauty to your jewelry, making it unique.

If your jewelry has stones or pearls, our recommendation is to use your cosmetics and perfumes before wearing it, as the color and shine of natural stones can be altered by chemicals and so the stones are preserved. in perfect condition.