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Sizes guides

Discover your ring size easily. Follow our steps below and find your size.

1. Find a ring that fits you correctly in the chosen finger.

2. Download the template.

3. Follow indications.

4. Any doubt unresolved? Contact us amb nosaltres.

In case you know your size but do not know to which measurement system it belongs, please, check your size with the template or contact us and we will try to help you.

Jewelry care

We create our jewels with noble metals, handmade and with different finishes that can require maintenance. Here we give you some pieces of advice for correct use to elongate the good state of your pieces.

You have to take into consideration some factors: The skin PH, the corporal fat and the ambiental humidity, among others, can lead to an oxidation of the metals.


Take out your jewels to develop housework.
The chemical products can deteriorate them.

When you apply beauty and skincare products, take out your jewels and put them on once finished the routine.

If you go to the swimming pool or the beach, keep your jewels in a safe place. Salt, chlorine... can make them dirty.

When it is sleep time, keep them in your jeweler. Make sure that they do not pile up so that they cannot grate.

The anti humidity bags are a good ally to keep near your pieces.

Jewels with diamonds

especially rings, need way more attention. Check its state and come to our store if you are in doubt.

White gold jewels

have a rhodium bath finish that can wear out with the use and through the years. We can rebuild this finish if you feel it is necessary. Ask us.

Cleaning up

Cleaning up is quite easy if you have good maintenance. You can use water with bicarbonate or an eraser for jewels with a mat finish.

All kinds of finishes deteriorate through the years, the use and the contact. Be careful with the oxidized finishes, the rhodium and gold baths of rings and bracelets.

The duration of the finishes will depend on these factors and the use you give to the piece.

If you need to restore your pieces to make them look like new, we offer you this service.