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Sterling silver and enamel...

Price €135.00
Design ring made of sterling silver and blue fire enamel. This collection is inspired by the blue tones of the sea and the natural pools of Bali....

Silver and enamel ring BALI

Price €155.00
Sterling silver and blue enamel ring, BALI collection. The measure approx. of the front is 19 mm by 17 mm. The arm of the ring is 10 mm.

Silver and enamel pendant BALI

From Price €95.00
BALI pendant in sterling silver and fire enamel, blue color. Collection inspired by the natural pools of Bali and its precious sea waters. It...

BALI medium earrings

Price €125.00
Medium sterling silver earrings with a beautiful blue enamel. They measure 2 cm long and 1 cm wide approx. Pressure closure.

BALI small earrings

Price €98.00
Small BALI earrings in sterling silver and blue enamel. Measurement: 12 mm x 10 mm approx. Pressure closure.

Pendientes plata y esmalte...

Price €170.00
Large sterling silver and blue enamel earrings, BALI. Measures 32mm by 15mm approx. The lower part, blue enamel, measures 14 mm by 12 mm approx....